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Wellness Renewed – Pain Management Consultation

At least 116 million U.S. adults—more than the number affected by heart disease, diabetes, and cancer combined—suffer from common chronic pain conditions. Everyone is at some risk of acute or chronic pain arising from an illness, an injury, or an array of other factors, but some population groups have a much higher risk of experiencing pain and its disabling effects and are receiving inadequate treatment.

The main goal of a holistic pain management approach is to treat pain from all angles of life. Our Pain Management Consultation is an approach that considers the emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of the individual in addition to the person’s physical state. Our goal is to improve your function and mobility by reducing pain through non-medical approaches such as Herbs, Nutritional Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals, Essential Oils, and Lifestyle Coaching. We will educate you regarding your diagnosis and provide a plan to reduce pain and improve function.

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    • The Consultation includes a 1-hour Wellness Session with a Health Coach.
    • Recommendations based on your own personal health history, recent blood and/or lab work (if available), and health pattern
    • Physician grade supplements recommendation
    • Dietary/Lifestyle plans
    • Tailored protocol
    • Email support

This Wellness Consultation is available Virtually and at the Physical Wellness Center.