ZYTO Balance Scan, Report & Personal Protocol


Wellness Renewed – ZYTO Balance Scan, Report & Personal Protocol

Knowledge is a very powerful tool. It can end your confusion, identify bad habits, or the unknowns. The right knowledge can help you start a greater, more positive, confident lifestyle with the certainty that there will be a betterment in your wellness and health.

The ZYTO Balance Scan is a highly accurate and dynamic wellness screening tool. We will scan to determine your biological coherence. The 4 systems that will be scanned are:

The Detoxification System
The Gastrointestinal System
The Hormonal/Endocrine System
The Immune System

With your scan results, we will be identifying key biomarker areas where you may need additional support. A Health Consultant will evaluate your scan result, review your questionnaire responses and tailor a protocol focused on addressing those biomarkers that may be out of normal range. with the goal of bringing all systems to healthy levels. When you know better… You CAN do better!

    • The Consultation includes a 1-hour Wellness Session with a Health Coach.
    • Recommendations based on your own personal health history, recent blood and/or lab work (if available), and health pattern
    • Physician grade supplements recommendation
    • Dietary/Lifestyle plans
    • Tailored protocol
    • Email support
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Thousands of people around the world have benefitted from getting a ZYTO biocommunication scan. A scan is non-invasive and can be completed by a practitioner or wellness advocate in minutes. If you’re wondering whether a ZYTO scan is right for you, take a look at this list of our top 6 reasons to get one.

1.     Remove verbal communication barriers

A study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal showed that it was common for doctors to consider their communication with patients adequate, while their patients felt that communication wasn’t good enough.1 But even if doctors and patients both feel that communication is adequate or even excellent, there will usually still be some kind of gap between perceptions and reality when it comes to that individual’s wellness. For instance, in discussing your health with a practitioner, you may be leaving out important details or considerations that you aren’t even aware of. These details could be critical points to look at, but they may be overlooked because they are never considered and therefore never discussed and taken into account.

ZYTO technology gives practitioners the ability to scan for a number of considerations that the body responds to autonomously. There is no room for error because the body is responding directly as each item is being introduced. Therefore, the information you get is impartial and can take hundreds and even thousands of data points into consideration to provide more comprehensive analysis and remove those verbal communication barriers.

2.     Get insights into personal wellness


By collecting data directly from the body, a ZYTO biocommunication scan can provide insights into your personal wellness that may have gone unnoticed previously. If a particular biomarker, or digital signature representing an organ or system, is out of range, the practitioner can ask additional questions about that biomarker. But more importantly, the practitioner can also see how out-of-range items correlate with each other. This helps them to discover patterns, relationships, and trends in the data so they can ask more relevant questions to make better decisions.

Insights from a ZYTO scan also tend to correlate with other questionnaires and tests. This information is shown in an objective and comprehensive way in the ZYTO report. For example, the Dynamic Profile provides a quick overview of the more extreme responses, and responses to digital signatures introduced are displayed according to how far out of range they are.

3.     Identify biological coherence to nutrition

There are certain core elements of personal wellness that are good to follow. At the same time, however, everyone is different and will therefore respond to a given supplement, food, or other external influence differently. In terms of nutrition, this is known as bio-individuality. To illustrate this scientifically proven phenomenon, when scientists gathered data about how people responded to foods in their diets, the results showed that sugar levels spiked in some people when they ate bread, while others showed no change in sugar levels when they ate bread.2

Data from past ZYTO biocommunication scans can also help you and us in seeing trends and patterns as time goes on. This assists in developing a more comprehensive and relevant plan for maintaining your wellness over time.

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